The Government of Himachal Pradesh launched the MMAGY to ensure integrated development of selected villages with more than 40% Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Population. The required infrastructural facilities in terms of road network, water supply, sanitation and street lights etc. are developed in a coordinated manner so that these villages have all requisite physical and social infrastructure for their socio economic development. The Yojana aims to reduce disparity between SCs/ STs and non-SC/STs population in terms of common socio- economic indicators (e.g. literacy rate, completion rate of elementary education, IMR/MMR, ownership of productive assets, etc.) and raise the indicators in these villages to at least the level of the National /State average.

Under this scheme, two villages with the highest concentration of SC/ST population with a minimum of 40% and a minimum population of 200, are selected for development into model villages (Adarsh Grams) every year in each Vidhan Sabha constituency. Integrated development of selected villages is primarily achieved through implementation of existing schemes of Central and State Govt. in a convergent manner. Gap-filling funding of Rs. 10.00 lakh. per village on an average is provided from Scheduled Castes Sub Plan and Tribal Sub Plan and the funds are released by the Directorate of SCs, OBCs & Minority Affairs to the Deputy Commissioner for meeting special requirements of villages which cannot be met in the short term from existing schemes.