Numerous housing schemes have been launched for the below poverty line beneficiaries over the years by both state and central governments. However, no scheme till now had been dedicated to the repair of houses built by the BPL Households under these schemes or otherwise. Exhibiting vision and commitment to the cause of the poor and down trodden, the government of Himachal pradesh launched the Rajiv Awas Repair Yojana in 2015 under which financial assistance will be provided to BPL beneficiaries in rural areas to the tune of Rs 25,000 for the purpose of repair of their housing units.

One of the prerequisites for availing the benefit under this scheme is that the condition of the old, worn out and dilapidated house should be such that it can be improved by repair and can be made liveable. Furthermore, if the house has been constructed under IAY/AAY/RAY/any other housing scheme, the period of completion of such house should not be less than 10 years.